Technology Has Introduce Samsung Pay vs Apple Pay New Trends

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Samsung pay vs Apple Pay

Both payment options are easily available nowadays. These are basically payment options by using your smartphone that make mobile payments possible in a most secured way. The difference between Samsung and Apple pay is technology. If we talk about the first one, specifically used for Samsung devices, it works on MST technology. This technology is used for all Android devices. Its biggest competitor in the market when we compare it with apple group which is used for Apple devices through IOS technology.

IOS just reinvented a new methodology of paying at the spot without any cash which is very popular among users. By using your smartphone just you need to download the app and get the login id along with an 8 digit password. For sure this is one of the most secure methods and one can make it more secure, by taking different options in the category of password options like face detection and fingerprint privacy technique. There is no hard and fast formula to adopt it because it’s very easy with only a few steps to add a card to your payment account.
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